Koryo Hand Therapy(KHT) is called Koryo Sooji Chim, Korean Hand Acupuncture or Soojichim. KHT(Koryo Hand Therapy) theorizes that the hands are a micro-cosmos of the body.

The function of the human body can be manipulated by stimulating the corresponding points on our hands.

According to the theory of 'Koryo Hand Therapy', there are 14 micro-meridians and 345 acupuncture points on our hands which regulate the internal organs of human body.

These acupuncture points may be stimulated by using the following instruments : Hand Needles, Seoam Press-Pellets, Seaom Moxa, E-beam, Magnets, KHT Silver Ring, or Cyber Hand Therapy (mind vibration).

Thus the physiological function of the entire body can be regulated by stimulating these acupuncture points on the hands.

The theory of Koryo Hand Therapy was first originated, studied and developed by The Korean acupuncturist, Dr. Tae Woo Yoo between 1971 and 1975. Since that time Koryo Hand Therapy has spread to the public worldwide.

Koryo Hand Therapy is a scientific medical system that is quite simple to learn and easy to perform without any side effects or danger to the patient.

If you are in pain or have a problem somewhere in your body, the reactions are reflected on the hands in the form of tender points. Pain commonly or frequently shown on the hands corresponds to the painful part of your body. Therefore, the stimulation of the tender points positively affects pain relief.

KHT Therapy is divided into Correspondence, Micromeridian, Five Element, Eight Extra Ordinary Points and Special Points Therapy. Thus the results of scientific method of experiment have proven the positive results of KHT treatment.

KHT diagnoses can be divided into Correspondence Points, Three Constitutions, Yin and Yang Pulse Diagnosis, Electronic Beam, Biorhythm and Five Finger Diagnosis.

Koryo Sooji Chim is very effective in treating a wide range of ailments such as infertility, rheumatic arthritis, allergy and stroke, but there are limits to what it can accomplish. Clearly, conditions that require surgery and infectious diseases can not be cured using hand acupuncture. However, KHT treatment can play a useful part in complementing Western Medicine by alleviating pain and promoting recovery and lessen the side effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients, relieving nausea, so that the patients can continue to receive the treatment.

KHT contributes to the maintenance of a persons health as well as self-diagnosis. It is possible to perform self treatment, treat family members and even employ KHT as a volunteer activity for charity.

The research of KHT has been actively spread since Koryo Hand Therapy Institute and Yin Yang Maek Jin Publishing Co.Ltd. was established in 1977. Nowadays, there are 170 domestic branches and 27 overseas branches established all over the world.

The members are estimated to be about three million. In addition, volunteer members who practice KHT for charity are estimated to be about 200 groups.