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Soo-Ji Chim (Hand Therapy)
Soo Jok Chim
Name Koryo Hand Therapy, KHT
Koryo Hand Acupuncture Therapy
SOOJICHIM, Koryo Sooji Chim
Soo Jok Chim
Background of Research Koryo Hand Therapy was first discovered and studied by Dr. Tae Woo Yoo between 1971 and 1975. Mr. Jae Woo Park was one of KHT members who learnt Koryo Hand Therapy in Korea between 1984 and 1986.
History Correspondence Therapy was first revealed to the public in 1975 by Dr. Tae Woo Yoo. He was a chairman of Koryo Hand Therapy Institute as well as Hyang Goon College of Oriental Medicine. Soo Jok Chim was the theory which imitated the principles of Sooji Chim in 1986 by Mr. Jae Woo Park.
Mr. Jae Woo Park was one of the students who learnt Oriental Medicine in Hyang Goon College of Oriental Medicine.
Difference of the Theories Between Soo-Ji Chim and Soo-Jok Chim The middle finger corresponds to the head. When stimulation is given to hand points which correspond to the body points ST9 and UB10( on the hand E8 and I2 respectively, on the middle finger), the pulses can be changed that brings about the regulation of the cerebral blood flow.
The 14 Micro-Meridian Therapy which was verified to be effective in treating diseases by the scientific experiments was discovered by Dr. Tae Woo Yoo.
When stimulation is give to the thumb according to the claim that the thumb and the big toe correspond to the head, the pulses that flow into the brain are not changed at all.
14 Extra-Meridians which imitate the 14 Micro-Meridians was studied by Mr. Jae Woo Park.
Diagnostic Methods About 10 kinds of diagnostic methods such as Three Constitutions or Yin Yang Pulse Diagnosis were developed.
The effect of treatment can be demonstrated with scientific experiments.
The diagnostic methods imitated by Mr. Park are opaque and abstract.
The effect of treatment can not be demonstrated based on the scientific experiments.
and Experimental Methods There have been published about 60 books concerned with academic research. The monthly magazine, weekly newspaper has been publishing now for reporting clinical experiences to KHT members. There have been published only 3 books concerned with academic research.
There were few academic research announced.
KHT instruments are being used for treating diseases
Scientific Research
And Development of Instruments
About 60 different kinds of instruments were developed in KHT. ghgfgh
Effect KHT is excellent for treating incurable diseases. KHT is very effective for relieving from pains. Soo-Jok Chim is applied only for simple cases.
Domestic and Abroad Branches 170 domestic branch,
Training Program Courses are being held in over 200 universities in Korea as well as the USA.
Over 300 Volunteer Service Group for Charity
Over 28 Overseas Branch
There is no any institute of Soo-Jok Chim
established in Korea.
Soo-Jok Chim was spread only in Russia.